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Be Careful What You Wish For

Genie. Jinn. Shaytun. Demon. Whatever you call them, they're all the same beast.

Jinn are mentioned as "shaytun" in the book of Enoch and ever since then - and whilst they are not inherently good nor bad - they have been popularly depicted as a manifestation of evil. So how do we explain the whole "genie in a bottle" thing, the stereotype of them being a good and benevolent thing, bestowing luck upon whomever is fortunate to find, and then rub, the genie's abode and stoke its powers into action?

Read on because history always has a plethora of plausible explanations for stuff like this.

In the Qur'an, "shaytun" rise against heaven in an attempt to steal its secrets. They are also referred to as "teachers of sorcery", wizards with nefarious intent and in possession of some seriously dark skills. Some Islamic teachings even claim that "shaytun" - which yes, is pronounced as "satan", with a "H", no surprise there - can move through the blood of humans and that they can also terrorize us in our dreams. Astral attack, anyone?

Also makes my theory of how this vaccine is being "transmitted" via frequency and not through physical "shedding", look a lot more likely.

Humanity is haunted by many myths and "old wives tales" that more often than not, only serve to keep us attached to out dated superstitions. Like the one that suggests the reason we all cover our mouths when we yawn, is not to be polite or spare onlookers a view of our tonsils, but to stop jinn entering our body. Or that a sudden, intense sneeze, is nothing to do with sinus or dust allergy, but rather, our bodies expelling an unwanted spirit. Who knows. Sufi wisdom connected shaytun to human psychological conditions and the archetypes of Carl Jung actually mirror this, based on the belief that shaytun reproduce by laying eggs into the heart of unsuspecting humans, thus representing an internal struggle between the temptation towards evil or piety. The term "conscience" was perhaps born from this philosophy.

By this reasoning, "satan" is not necessarily an "entity"; it/he, represents the human shadow.

Witchcraft - which included a lot of unlawful carnal activity back in its hey-day and for many devotees, probably still does - can also be traced back to shaytun; as sex magic to be precise. Participants would conjure Jinn up through incantation and unleash them onto this plane. Many of these specific rituals and sacrificial rites are still practiced today, in fact, I can guarantee that this is behind most, if not all, of the Cabal's agendas.

Persian etymology stems from "ginney", a wicked female spirit (pronounced "jai-knee"), similar to a "succubus". These supernatural entities seduced (mostly) men in their dreams, and have been absorbed into the Kabbalah since Babylonia and ancient Iran. Picture a leathered-up porn star with vampire wings and horns, basically.

There is also another intriguing aspect to all this sexual-satanic narrative and that is the ancient hand symbol known as the "fig sign" or "sekkusu" (in Japanese), which literally means "the union of yoni and lingam" through sexual intercourse. Depending on which country, it can be used to ward off evil spirits, cast a sexist insult or as used in the child's game where one pretends to "steal" someone's nose and hold it in their hand.

The most controversial connection however, is explained in this next paragraph.

This "mudra" is depicted in multiple ancient Persian carvings as well as in Babylonia (again, the center of debauchery), and has also been connected to the Essenes, the gnostic cult that Jesus was (allegedly) associated with. I say "allegedly" now because the last time I hinted about Jesus being an Essene and possibly involved in ancient tantric rituals, I was accused of being a "heretic". The "sekkusu" also represents the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life - which despite one being associated with the Bible and the other with the New Age, are uncannily similar don't you think? And what is even more intriguing, and what many scholars believe (and support their postulations with plenty of anthropological evidence also), is that our beloved Buddha did not achieve "enlightenment" by sitting under a fig tree, but through tantric sex; and this mudra is somehow involved. I have also read transcripts revealing that Gautama abandoned his wife when she was struggling in labor, in favor of prioritizing his own peace and quiet. Who knows hey, but it's always good to keep an open mind, not just to expand our esoteric horizons, but for sheer entertainment value if nothing else.

Well, if the Dalai Lama has been revealed to be a Freemason, then anything is possible isn't it?

One fact that cannot be disputed - and regardless of what Aladdin says - is that Jinn are not our friend. They are all about possession, deceit and spiritual manipulation and according to the historical texts of Islam, they can actually fall in love with humans and become obsessed, making them extremely hard to remove. Another favorite Genie pastime, is to sit on our shoulders and whisper sinful suggestions in our ears in an attempt to lower our energetic resilience and integrity, meaning, they will exert negative influence over our better judgment and seek to erode our willpower, bit by bit. They want to lead us astray and get us to do things we wouldn't normally do, and when this happens, we become more vulnerable to becoming chattel.

Thanks - or rather, no thanks - to the window of witchcraft that is activated and amplified on the March equinox and up to May 1st of each year known as the (annual) Season of Sacrifice, there are multitudes of Jinn, Genie's, demons and little "shaytuns" running rampant on earth right now and they are all getting up to no good. The battle over principalities that has been waging since this Spiritual War came to our conscious attention, relies largely upon their ability to fulfill their duty as destroyers of humanity and pitting us against each other, but even before that, eroding our sense of self and our trust in God and all that is good and divine in the world.

It's imperative you pay attention to your thoughts and to which ones you give energy to now because a lot of them will not be your own, they are being broadcast via these vile creatures with the sole intent of messing you up; and others by association.

We are all feeling the escalating pressure of holding 24/7 space for those who cannot intuit the illusions and corruption in the world and the added stress of constant chem-trails and growing pollutants in the air we breathe, the food and water we ingest and the radiation emitting from all our devices, is incrementally wearing our auras thin. We are having to work harder to maintain our health and our sanity in response to this barrage, so it's no wonder we are feeling exhausted and flat. Many are complaining of voices in their heads and yes, they are real (to a degree) dear one, but no, you are not going mad. They are the mumblings of malevolent beings, trying to take your soul for a ride. Be strong and be brave. Listen patiently to what they have to say, observe them without fear and when you feel the need, speak with conviction to renounce any and all contracts and connections you have made with any of them, across any dimension of time and space, and release all that does not serve your most divined and enlightened, dreams and desires, now.

And remember: always be careful for what you wish for.


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