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Autumnal Anecdotes

Image by Stephen Murray

Equinox is fast approaching dear ones - it's this Saturday 20th for us in the southern hemisphere in fact - so I wanted to speak to the processes of releasing and refining today to help you prepare for this pivotal seasonal (and psychological) shift.

We don't just accumulate waste from all the foods we ingest, we also accumulate the energy of various traumas and experiences that we have moved through, and not just in our physical bodies, but in our minds, hearts and spiritual spheres too.

These things typically express themselves as repetitive thoughts (I call this the "mental merry-go-round", although it is rarely merry), initiated by weakened peristalsis in the gut and which can lead to things like chronic sinus issues, congested bowels (which in turn also leads to emotional and mental constipation, not just the inability to evacuate the colon), excess weight around the hips, buttocks and upper thighs (literally energetic "emotional baggage"), halitosis (bad breath), breathing difficulties and susceptibilities and that scratchy-throat-feeling that makes us feel like we're coming down with something.

All these things reflect mucus build up because of an inability to contract and excrete, as well as an overloaded stomach and liver. Other manifestations include sluggish digestion, foggy mind and difficulty concentrating, hormonal swings and hypersensitivity, a closed mind (judgment/opinionated) and the inability to entertain different concepts and perspectives because we choose to "hold on" to our own limited opinions; mostly out of stubbornness and fear of letting go. The idea of discovering something new and/or contradictory to what we “know and believe to be true”, things that have made us feel safe and “right” in the past, is basically scarier than the idea of receiving some new information or considering possibilities that could actually assist our personal growth and hence we cling to that which we insist is “only”. It’s a very limited way to view the world of course but it is, sadly, very common.

The list goes on and on of course, but those are the main event headliners.

The transition from Summer (via "late summer") to Autumn, is possibly the most challenging for humans because it requires us to look at our shite (on all levels) and start discerning and considering. It invites us to pause and reflect through a clearer lens so we can start to become aware of our habits and idiosyncrasies in a new and more personally responsible light. The process of letting go of what no longer serves us is vital to not only maintaining physical health, but also essential for our mental and emotional well being because it is through the act of realizing, releasing and refining, that we re-balance, re-boot and re-empower ourselves.

This includes not just looking at our diet and removing the things that agitate and congest us, but also involves us finding the courage to consider those aspects within ourselves and how we operate on a daily basis, that restrict our experience of life and keep us stuck in the proverbial box.

Peristalsis doesn’t just happen in the gut and lungs either - it is the unconscious and conscious action of "drawing in and squeezing out" old thoughts, old blood, negative beliefs, emotions and memories and energetic attachments on all levels, so that we can establish optimal flow and connection. Every idea you have, every surge of emotion, every breath you take and every beat of your heart, is an expression of peristaltic energy, therefore, when you focus on how to enhance this natural rhythm of healing that is on offer to you 24/7, you can start to dissolve anything that creates blockage or agitation in your head, heart, hips and soul.

I won’t go into too much more depth in this article but I will share three basic tips that can help get you started on the path to aligning with Autumn and therefore, more able to receive all the good juju that the equinox and this time of year offers.

Firstly, it’s important to practice being more mindful, to become the constant witness of oneself if you like, so you can start becoming more aware of and then accountable for, your thoughts, words and actions and the energetic legacy they leave. The great irony of this is - when you get this practice down pat - that you will notice you are actually becoming more mind-less and that is a good thing because ideally we want to be anchored in our heart, not our intellect.

Next, pay attention to how you are feeding yourself and I don’t just mean with actual food. Notice how your emotional body craves certain foods (or attention) when you are caught up in specific memories or stuck in a negative and wounded heart space. Feel how the ego first, governs your behavior and then, what you choose to fill-up (or deplete) your belly with as a result. Observe what you reach out for in those moments because this is a big part of learning how to correctly self nourish and break the patterns of self sabotage that we may not even be aware that we have. Emotional eating is an actual syndrome as I am sure you are aware and it hooks into our deep seated traumas and beliefs about ourselves, how secure we feel within, how supported we perceive ourselves to be in our family units and relationships (including our careers) as well as influencing our ability to hold ourselves with courage, confidence and conviction.

Again, if we are rehashing the present thought the filters of the past, regurgitating old stories and resentments and refusing to release pain, grief or anger, we are going to keep feeding from a specific set of circumstances that no longer apply nor serve us and this can literally turn into one big spiritual groundhog day.

Thirdly, be prepared to entertain the idea that you know nothing - or in the very least, not as much as you thought you did - and that letting go of what you think you have learned, is a vital part of your “awakening” process. We are all constant works in progress and by our very nature (and structure), we simply must keep ingesting, digesting, assimilating and eliminating, in order to live, love and be.

Being human actually requires us to receive, integrate and surrender, on the daily and the more we resist this universal truth, the more uncomfortable, uncertain and unfulfilled, we become.

Be vigilant with your thoughts, your feelings, your nutritional choices and the energy imprints they create together in each moment and if you are really serious about syncing with Mother Nature so you can find the peace that may have eluded you up till now, despite all your best efforts - and the stillness that your soul rightly and intuitively seeks during these incredibly tumultuous times - make space in your day to stop, drop and empty.

For some, that might look like stilling the mind with a cup of tea in the garden, more meditation time or settling into a yin yoga practice that involves longer, juicier holds and deeper allowance to soften, feel and perhaps shed a tear. For others it might look like removing all forms of bread, dairy and sugar and replacing with gut-and-lung loving miso, broths and porridge to support the metal element. This goes a long way to supporting your immune system and building your resilience as we head towards the colder months of the year down-under too by the way. For others still, the ultimate autumnal challenge may involve having some difficult conversations that they have resisted previously because they know they will push their buttons and take them out of their comfort zone. If that’s you, please try and remember that despite what our fears may tell us, we never lose anything or anyone and that everything is happening in the world (and our inner world), for our absolute highest and best.

All we need do is allow ourselves to meet what is transpiring in each moment and to free ourselves from any preconceived ideas and attachments to what it brings up, to appreciate what we have “known” and trusted as “truth” up till now and love it to death because there is always more to learn, understand, receive and benefit from and it’s all waiting right around the corner of our current state of consciousness.

You gotta let go in order to let the love and light that already resides within, to rise up and shine.

The gift of Autumn is self mastery and I wish this for you all.


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