Autumnal Anecdotes

Image by Stephen Murray

Equinox is fast approaching dear ones - it's this Saturday 20th for us in the southern hemisphere in fact - so I wanted to speak to the processes of releasing and refining today to help you prepare for this pivotal seasonal (and psychological) shift.

We don't just accumulate waste from all the foods we ingest, we also accumulate the energy of various traumas and experiences that we have moved through, and not just in our physical bodies, but in our minds, hearts and spiritual spheres too.

These things typically express themselves as repetitive thoughts (I call this the "mental merry-go-round", although it is rarely merry), initiated by weakened peristalsis in the gut and which can lead to things like chronic sinus issues, congested bowels (which in turn also leads to emotional and mental constipation, not just the inability to evacuate the colon), excess weight around the hips, buttocks and upper thighs (literally energetic "emotional baggage"), halitosis (bad breath), breathing difficulties and susceptibilities and that scratchy-throat-f