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All Is In Hand

Here’s one for the books.

The internet was originally set up to CONTROL humanity, to spy on us and record our every move and yet it has now turned into an effective and powerful, LIBERATING tool FOR humanity.

It is supporting the greatest awakening of all time.

We must hold strong and keep the faith that we are not only holding the line (and the light), but we are PUSHING IT valiantly BACK and reclaiming our territory and our rights, with each passing day.

More people ARE starting to realize what’s really going on with these jabs.

They ARE beginning to see how absurd these "variants" are and how vacuous the narratives attached to them are.

They ARE cottoning on, slowly but surely, as they see more and more of their brothers and sisters around the world, attending rallies in their tens and hundreds of thousands, sharing their v-injured stories, again, by the THOUSANDS, and as they stop and feel into the undeniable groundswell of awareness and intolerance for injustice that is building around them, hour by hour.

Every day they bump into someone not wearing a mask, and that surely triggers them in some way, or at least, preoccupies their mind for enough time (after that moment) on a regular basis, to start having an impact, subconsciously.

They see people ignoring check ins and waltzing into shops "as usual" and without fear because they totally understand what such compliance leads to.

They see locals hugging and laughing like normal human beings when they go shopping and they surely miss that impromptu and totally natural behavior themselves.

Since when did people enjoy being surveilled and monitored anyway? When did anyone NOT enjoy their privacy??

Since the media told us all to “be afraid, be VERY afraid!” of a “novel” virus that apparently has as much kick to it for the average human, as the common cold; that's when.

C19 is NOT “novel” – it has been around for years – and it is NOT DEADLY for everyone.

The sign of genius is being able to achieve feats previously unachievable by other human beings, so in this instance, those who have painstakingly constructed this “coronavirus pandemic” over decades, have surely won that award by now?

They have managed to convince the entire world that they are all going to die from a pathogen that has (still) never been isolated, purified and identified, and that the ONLY way out of this dilemma - and to literally “save the world” from this continued threat - is to inject an unknown chemical compound into our bodies. Never mind the fact that means playing RUSSIAN FCUKING ROULETTE with your life, but hey, it’s for “the greater good” and you owe it to your friends and families, to “do the right thing” don't you.

I’m sorry, but what a load of bollocks.


These shots were NEVER designed or intended to eradicate C19, they were engineered to CREATE MORE ILLNESS.

What myself and many other experienced healers are seeing in our clients, and in the collective field, is that these ingredients are decimating the human immune system and ACTIVATING the individual's dormant (inherited) "energenetic" traumas. "Energenetic" refers to the energy of your genetics, what you are working with in this lifetime, in your blood AND your bloodlines.

What this means is that anything "residual" (toxic, imbalanced, unresolved), in any system/organ of your body, instead of allowing nature to take its course and for you to manifest your own experience of said illness/challenge/karmic lesson as you go about living your life, these evil bastards have found a way to TRIGGER and ACCELERATE this process FOR YOU, hence, activating "dis-ease" (on the energetic level, where it always starts), and basically immediately after it's injected into your body.

It truly is, EVIL GENIUS.

The psychological manipulation has – and continues to be – next level, convincing people that they only way to survive, is to keep lining up for “testing” and then “injecting”, when called to do so, much like rats blindly following the Pied Piper, oblivious to what is actually going on and where they are being led to.

The GRUBerments are run by CRIMINALS, plain and simple, and if you cannot see this, you are in for some seriously rude shocks in the coming months.

They are CORPORATIONS, filed, registered, and organized by INTERNATIONAL MAFIOSO and the LAST thing they have in mind, is YOUR HEALTH. They are in bed with big pharma and big tech and coordinated by big brother, the MEDIA, to bring you a new version of hyperbole every 24 hours, ensuring you stay hooked into their matrix of make-believe and therefore, sufficiently dumbed-down and numbed-out.

They are DELIBERATELY killing millions of people, and sadly, this will run into the BILLIONS over the next couple of years if we don’t stand up and stop it and that's because DEPOPULATION has always been at the top of their list.

Whatever your political persuasion or personal beliefs around medications, do you honestly think it’s okay to silence, dismiss, ridicule and de-platform, thousands of people for sharing their opinions? Are you okay with the complete removal of human rights – which includes YOURS by the way – just because people have different perspectives about what’s going on?

They’ve tried to suppress our voices, but they haven’t succeeded, instead they have actually made us LOUDER.

We are erupting all around the world now, sick and tired of the tyranny and top-down oppression and fed up with the bullsh*t and lies being spewed over us, dressed up as protection and bleated out as “the new normal”.

There IS light at the end of the tunnel though. The worse things get, the more of us FIRE UP. They louder and the more ludicrous they get, the more of us galvanize into action.

We WILL DELIVER this world from EVIL and they know it, which is why they are now pumping their worst out in all directions in a last ditch, death-throw attempt to win this spiritual war; but they HAVE FAILED and they KNOW it.

And their biggest mistake was coming after our KIDS.

It was bad enough that they targeted us, the adults, and worse still, when they started hitting up our tween and teens, but when they come for our babies, THAT is where we draw the FINAL LINE IN THE SAND and if you are a parent and you DON’T think force vaccinating and adulterating children with an experimental drug is bad or a violation of human rights, you perhaps need to think why you had children again.

These psychopaths will stop at nothing to gain the upper hand, but guess what? NEITHER WILL WE.

Our collective hearts and eyes have been opened and there’s no way they will ever put out the sacred fire that rages within the hearts and souls of enough good men and women of the living soil now!

So here we all stand at yet another precipice, another junction of choice and consciousness: whether to continue playing into their game, or to remove ourselves entirely from it and start forging ahead with our own systems and structures based in love and freedom for ALL.

As organic beings, we are designed to align with NATURE. We are made up OF the elements, the stars. Our bodies, minds and souls are not conducive to artificial, synthetic environments, at least not for any length of time, UNLESS we FUSE with said vibrations and hence, become a part of it, which is of course, at the core of all this madness.


Google “Transhumanism” and find out for yourself just how prevalent this “movement” is, even here in sleepy ‘ol Australia. In fact, if you decide to do a little digging, it won’t be long before you discover the intimate connections between our esteemed politicians, well known “philanthropists”, their wives and this disturbingly dark agenda.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of “living” in a life-less, dissociative online world where everyone gets together for “chats” and “connection”, makes me want to vomit. Repeatedly.

Can you imagine what living in this fake, constructed “reality”, will actually do for our already escalating mental health issues, or how it will actually encourage conflict, NOT communication and lead our vulnerable youth down even steeper pathways of depression, anxiety and dis-embodiment, than they are now? Coupled with these life-depleting injections that are deliberately designed to DETACH the soul from its human host and thus render us powerless and alienated from within, the next generations are going to have a VERY hard road ahead of them, unless WE, the ones with the balls AND the necessary consciousness, RESIST this atrocity with all we’ve got!

It is our BIRTHRIGHT to live in harmony with NATURE and ONE ANOTHER, with ALL species and creations gifted to this earth, so why can’t more people see this, put aside (what really are) petty differences of opinion, and come TOGETHER to fight for what affects the FUTURE for us ALL?

Humans are contact creatures. We need touch, hugs, laughter, close proximity, authentic connection and heart to heart interactions, in order to feel alive and to STAY alive. We need to be able to look into one another’s eyes and read the energy of the person sharing space with us. We need to see their expressions so we can correctly interpret what they are saying, feeling and sharing with us and then respond intuitive intelligence.

We are all about COMMUNITY and moving forwards as a TEAM, as ONE TRIBE, in all our diversity.

We all share the same innate love of fresh air and salt water, of warm sunlight, blazing stars, and wide-open spaces. None of us was born to function in a world devoid of all this, a world of “virtual reality”, riddled with lies and deception and masterful manipulation, and yet here we find ourselves, on the brink of literal extinction – of the “original human” that’s for sure – and still so many are unable, or unwilling, to remove their blinkers and look the truth square in the face. They would rather acquiesce and continue living in the web they have become comfortably accustomed and stuck to, than spend even one afternoon questioning authority and thinking outside the box.

We are all addicted to technology in some form, let’s be honest. We all love our iphones, our computers and our social media rants, so we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for falling for this, but the important thing now I believe, is to recognize this and start pulling ourselves OUT of the quagmire so we don’t continue sinking deeper into it.

THAT is the definition of insanity, I reckon: seeing the beast and yet still choosing to feed it.

If we’re not careful, we are going to the birth of a generation consisting of couch-potatoes and mental sloths occupying concrete urban jungles, relying upon uber-everything and curating the manicured madness that for them has now become “the new normal”. We will witness the desecration of anything light and loving, in a very short space of time, if more of us don’t switch on and get activated NOW.

Escaping a purposeless existence to seek meaning in even more fakery – and fcukery - will NOT satiate humanity, nor will it take us into the next natural stage of our evolution.

All this will do, is lead us deeper into darkness and cause us to forget even more of our true and divine nature and if we do go down this, the mother of all rabbit holes, who knows how long it will take us to claw our way out of it? Nobody knows, that’s the point. We choose what we choose because our soul needs certain experiences to find and love itself fully, that’s what FREE WILL is for, but still, within this universal code, there is also room for movement, for growth and the allowance for ALL sentient beings to simultaneously heed their own inner calling and make decisions based on THEIR highest good.


Yes, there are some frightening narratives and possibilities on the horizon and it is getting increasingly more difficult every day, to remain calm, grounded and focused on positive outcomes I know, but please, do not give up hope and do not give up on your fellow man either. When more people reach their limitations and wake up on the inside, they will need our help to make sense of it all. We have had months, years and often lifetimes, to adjust and integrate after swallowing our red pills, so be compassionate and patient when those who are genuinely remorseful and confused, come to you for assistance. Make time for these souls for they are just as deserving of “ascension” as you are, they just took a bit longer to break free. And for those who continue to stubbornly hold on and defy their own true nature to expand and evolve, love them and let them go on their journey.

In the meantime, start building your local communities, connecting with like minds and hearts and putting your energy into CREATING, not dividing. We don’t wait around for the matrix to dismantle – and it is already anyway – we get busy re-birthing and building the world that WE want, one that includes, intuits, inspires and ignites ALL souls to their highest and fullest potential.

THIS is how we honor our ancestors, clear the trauma in our cells and finally take back what has always been rightfully ours.

“Get right with God”, however that looks and feels for you, and trust that The Creator HAS got things in hand dear warrior. Trust that all will be well, for it always has been.



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