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Each new and full moon, Denby creates a sacred lunar altar and ritual intention to celebrate mother nature, mother ocean, the seasonal cycles and appropriate astral wisdoms.

These immersive gatherings are potent portals and powerful catalysts that facilitate radical healing and change on all levels of Self. The new moon gatherings blend specific chakra cleansing yoga sequences with musical mantras; the full moon gatherings involve ritual and journey work around the blessed altar, creating the space for personal awakening,
ancestral clearing and the recalibration of any karmic contracts.

Through her unique blend of several indigenous rites and practices gleaned from many years of service, study, mentor work, meditation and communion with Spirit, Denby is able to help others not only recognize and clear their own karmic wounds and stories, but also access the higher matrix that connects and influences the collective consciousness, so that the healing expands beyond the individual and beyond all realms of time and space.


​Themes flow according to the applicable astrological and shamanic tapestries unraveling at the time. Using her voice as a healing tool, Denby creates a magical shamanic ritual that has the power to recalibrate minds and reactivate DNA. The use of rattle and healing smudge make these circles incredibly cathartic, and they are offered in service to the community, with love and are open to both brothers and sisters each month.


"Nothing Like It"

I love these circles! The new moon with yoga and ritual and the full moon ceremonies leave me feeling heard, supported and part of a beautiful community. I love the different altars Denby creates and the stories she weaves into the rituals. She puts so much heart into her work and always shows up for each one of us with unwavering strength and compassion, no matter how we are feeling or what we are projecting. She holds the group together gracefully and creates a space for expression and sharing that I treasure and look forward to each month. There is nothing like it. Or her.


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